TAXIgoods? What?

TAXIgoods? What?

We’ve been making some changes here in the land of reusable snack and sandwich bags, and we’re hoping you’ll enjoy them!

As a crafty sort, I really like making stuff. All kinds of stuff. And I’ve been itching to make some different stuff, stuff that doesn’t necessarily want to be sold on the same page as reusable food movers (no matter how handy and cute they are!).

So, on our brand new website, under the brand new umbrella that we’re calling TAXIgoods (this is not some sort of umbrella corporation, mind you- I see an actual umbrella over everything- like a tent at a craft fair) we’ll be introducing you to some of these new items!

Many, many things will remain the same (change can be hard, I know!). And we’re also going to share with you some of our new ideas, and new directions. We’ll continue to offer the classics- the snack-sack and sandwich-sack- and we’ll also offer you up some variations as we continue to strive to be better, and make better.

So what else have I been making? Linen dish towels, linen bread bags, and lovely linen aprons- among other things! Linen is an amazing fiber- it’s durable, beautiful, and the flax and hemp plants that produce it require less in the way of pesticides and herbicides because they’re quite hardy. So you’ll see quite a bit of it, as you look around!

You’ll also find some offerings from other companies, because as much as I’d love to try my hand at whittling bamboo cutlery and weaving market baskets, other folks are already doing it better than I could!

 The name

I’m a bit of a nut about names. My kids all have unusual, but not totally “out there” names, and until said kids came along, I also had ultimate control of pet naming. Our current gaggle of animals have names that suit them, sure, but I know how much more interesting they could have been. Sigh.

So when it came to finding a variation of the name snackTAXI (which I thought would only ever encompass the 2 items I was making back in 2003) that would be both cohesive and somehow appropriate, it seemed my options were limited, and I felt a bit stymied.

I chose snackTAXI because it was so appropriate- this handy sack is moving your food, but just a finite distance for a finite time. You’re going to take those crackers out of their taxi when they reach their final destination. And honestly, how can you go wrong with the word taxi? It’s good looking and fun to say, and living and working in the middle of the woods as I do, it makes me feel that something just a little bit worldly and sophisticated is going on in the workshop.

Initially I tried to keep the same format- stuffTAXI, gearTAXI- but was unmoved. Then I tried just plain old TAXI, but it seemed lonely and undefined, unsure of its purpose.

TAXIgoods- well, I liked it right away. I’ve always liked the word goods. It puts such a wholesome and positive spin on being both a producer and a consumer of things, as we all are. It puts me in mind of outdoor farmers markets, or an old fashioned corner store with a bell on the front door.

So then there was just “taxi” that I had a bit of an issue with. It’s no longer just describing sacks to move food, so how could I continue to use it, as great a word as it may be? As so often happens in my house, Merriam-Webster saved the day. As soon as I saw the definition, “to move under ones own power, as an airplane,” I knew I had underestimated my old friend taxi. Moving under ones own power. That’s what we’re all doing, after all. Not like airplanes, certainly, although it is an entertaining image, evocative of kindergarteners at recess. But I digress. Moving under our own power, we build momentum in our lives and move with it. Maybe we have kids, and they build the momentum for us for a time.

And so TAXIgoods it is. Making good stuff well, under our own power.

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